Asking to Help a Friend

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Asking to Help a Friend
Practical Life - Grace and Courtesy
Level Pre-Primary
Age 2.5
Prerequisites none
Materials none

The purpose of this activity is to show the the child how to politely ask another child if they may help the other child with their work.


  1. Invite the child: "I would like to show you how to ask a friend if you can help."
  2. Walk to a child who is working independently.
  3. Gently place your hand on his or her should and wait for them to look at you.
  4. One they look at you, say, "Excuse me, may I help?"
  5. If the child says yes, say, "How may I help?"
  6. Follow the child's directions to help with his or her work.
  7. Say, "Thank you for letting me help.", before you stand carefully and walk away.

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