Audio Books

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Audio Books
Language - Language Foundation
Audio book.JPG
Age3 +
PrerequisitesHandling a Book
able to use an mp3 player
Materialspicture book
small audio player

In this activity the child listens to a recorded book while following along in a physical book.


  1. Take the tray to a mat or table.
    Audio book.JPG
  2. Put on the headphones and open the book to the first page.
  3. Press the play button.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Be sure that there is only one audio book on the player so the child can easily find the correct file.

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

If an audio book version of a book is not already available, you can record one yourself for use in your own classroom. Be sure to let the child know when to turn the page by ringing a bell or with some other signal. Audacity is one of several free audio editing programs available to use. If possible, you could even have students from your class do the voices for some of the characters.