Handling a Book

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Handling a Book
Practical Life - Care of the Environment
Turning Pages 2.JPG
Level Primary
Age 3
Prerequisites none
Materials hardback book

This activity teaches the child how to carefully carry and turn the pages of a book.


Carrying a Book[edit]

  1. step one

Turning Pages[edit]

  1. Show the child how to hold the page at the corner without crumpling it.
    Turning Pages 1.JPG
  2. Gently move the page all the way to the other side.
    Turning Pages 2.JPG

Returning a book to the shelf[edit]

  1. Turn the book so it is right-side up with the binding facing out.
  2. Hold the book shut in one hand.
  3. With the other hand, hold open a place between two books on the shelf.
  4. Slide the bottom corner of the book in first, making sure that it stays shut. Then push the book in the rest of the way.
  5. Try to get the edges of the books flush with each other.

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