Bead Stair

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Bead Stair
Math - Linear Counting
Bead Stair 2.JPG
Age3.5 - 4
PrerequisitesAbility to count to ten
MaterialsBead Stair
small paper slips with numerals 1-9
container for bead stair
container for numerals
square of black felt

This activity helps the child learn to associate the quantities 1 through 9 with their numerals.
It also introduces the child to the material used in the Teens Beads, the Teens Board, the Short Chains, the Long Chains, Addition With Bead Bars, Subtraction With Bead Bars, and Multiplication With Bead Bars.


  1. Carry the work to a mat or table. If done at a table, use a large table mat.
    Bead Stair 1.JPG
  2. step two
    Bead Stair 3.JPG
  3. step three
    Bead Stair 4.JPG
  4. step four
    Bead Stair 5.JPG Bead Stair 6.JPG Bead Stair 7.JPG Bead Stair 8.JPG
  5. step five
    Bead Stair 9.JPG
  6. step six
    Bead Stair 10.JPG
  7. step seven
  8. step eight

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Bead Stair material.JPG

The bead stair consists of 9 segments of wire strung with one to nine beads. Every number of beads is done in a different color: 1-red, 2-green, 3-peach, 4-yellow, 5-light blue, 6-lavender, 7-white, 8-brown, 9-dark blue. The beads should be as spherical as possible so that they are equally wide as long. They should measure about 7mm in diameter.