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Sensorial - Auditory Discrimination
Level Primary
Prerequisites Silence Game
Materials set of 26 Montessori bells

The purpose of the activities with the bells is to refine the child's sense of pitch.


Carrying a Bell

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    1 - Carrying a Bell.JPG
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Ringing a Bell

  1. step one
    2 - Ringing a Bell.JPG
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Using the Mute

  1. step one
    3 - Muting a Bell 1.JPG
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    3 - Muting a Bell 2.JPG

Matching Bells

  1. step one
    4 - Matching Bells 1.JPG
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    4 - Matching Bells 2.JPG

Grading Bells

  1. step one
    Grading Bells 1.JPG
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    Grading Bells 2.JPG
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    Grading Bells 3.JPG
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    Grading Bells 4.JPG
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    Grading Bells 5.JPG
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    Grading Bells 6.JPG
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    Grading Bells 7.JPG
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    Grading Bells 8.JPG
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    Grading Bells 9.JPG
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    Grading Bells 10.JPG
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    Grading Bells 11.JPG
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    Grading Bells 12.JPG
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    Grading Bells 13.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Where to Buy

Albanesi $1,221.00
Cabdev $1,119.00
Juliana $1,107.40
Montessori N' Such $450.00
Nienhuis $979.00

Albanesi $80.00
Cabdev $82.00
Juliana $77.00
Nienhuis $41.10

Alternative Bells
IFIT $140.00 (8 pairs of bells)
Jump Start $299.95 (8 pairs of bells)
- matching stand $99.95
Kid Advance $129.99 (8 pairs of bells)
Thinkamajigs $219.95 (8 pairs of bells)

Alternative Bells needing paint
These are sets of bells that when painted in the Montessori Bell colors could be used. You would need to buy two sets. Paint one set in either white or black depending on whether it corresponds to a black or white key on a piano. The other set should be painted a neutral color such as tan or gray.
Musician's Friend $71.99 (13 bells)
School Specialty $89.99 (13 bells)
Groth Music $65.00 (13 bells)
Amazon $90.00 (13 bells)
School Specialty $101.99 (13 bells)