Buttering Bread

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Buttering Bread
Practical Life - Food Preparation
Level Primary
Age 3 - 4
Prerequisites Handling Sharp Objects
Materials slice of bread
pat of butter
small dish for butter
butter knife

In this activity the child learns how to butter bread.


  1. Put a slice a of bread, a clean knife, and a pat of butter on the tray
  2. Take the tray to a table.
  3. Place the napkin in your lap.
  4. Get a little bit of butter with the knife.
  5. Hold the bread steady with the other hand, and spread the butter on the bread.
  6. Get more butter with the knife and spread it on the bread. Continue until all the butter has been spread on the bread.
  7. Set the knife down and eat the bread.
  8. Clean up: Wash the plate and dry it, then return it to the tray.

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

Variations and Extensions[edit]

  • Jam, peanut butter, apple butter, or cream cheese could be used instead of butter.