Constructive Triangles - Blue Rectangular Box

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Constructive Triangles -
Blue Rectangular Box
Sensorial - Visual Discrimination of Form
Blue Rectangle Box 1.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4 +
Prerequisites Geometric Cabinet
Constructive Triangles - Triangular Box
Constructive Triangles - Rectangular Box
Materials Blue Rectangular Box

Use of this material makes the child aware that all polygons can be made with triangles. This activity prepares the child for geometry.


  1. Take the material to a large mat. Lay out the triangles on the mat.
    Blue Rectangle Box 1.JPG
  2. Show that the triangles can be combined into other shapes in multiple ways.
    Blue Rectangle Box 2.JPG Blue Rectangle Box 3.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


Make Your Own

Printable Constructive Triangles available from Livable Learning.

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