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Detective Adjective Game

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Detective Adjective Game
Language - Grammar
Detective Adjective Game.jpg
Level Primary
Age 5.5 +
Prerequisites Geometric Cabinet
Adjective Game
Logical Adjective Game
Materials Detective Adjective Game triangles
Grammar Symbol set
paper slips

This activity helps the child learn the function of adjectives.
(I need to retake these photos as I forgot to remove the triangles that do not apply as each new adjective is added.)


  1. Take the material to a mat or table.
    Detective Adjective Game 1.JPG
  2. Step two
    Detective Adjective Game 2.JPG
  3. Step three
    Detective Adjective Game 3.JPG
  4. Step four
    Detective Adjective Game 4.JPG
  5. Step five
    Detective Adjective Game 5.JPG
  6. Step six
    Detective Adjective Game 6.JPG
  7. Step seven
    Detective Adjective Game 7.JPG

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