Dry Spooning

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Dry Spooning
Practical Life - Fine Motor Skills
Dry Spooning 1.JPG
Level Primary
Age 2.5+
Materials 2 bowls
uncooked rice

The purpose of this activity is to teach the child how to transfer dry materials with a spoon. This activity also helps prepare the child to eat independently.


  1. Carry the tray to a table. Be sure that the full bowl is on the left.
    Dry Spooning 1.JPG
  2. step two
    Dry Spooning 2.JPG
  3. step three
    Dry Spooning 3.JPG

Points of Interest

  • Carrying the grain across

Control of Error

  • The grain that is spilled (It helps if the tray is a contrasting color, so that the grain in easier to see.)

Variations and Extensions


  • Different sizes of spoons could be used.
  • Different shapes of bowls could be used.
  • Instead of dry rice, dry beans, sand, small pasta, seeds, whole spices, or beads could be used.



Corn spoon.JPG Heart spoon.JPG Green spoon.JPG

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