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Every lesson page starts off with an Infobox:

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{{Infobox Lesson
| Name          = 
| Topic         = 
| Subtopic      = 
| image         = 
| Level         = 
| Age           = 
| Preqs         = 
| Materials     = 
[[]] - [[#|]]
{{Infobox Lesson
| Name          = Clothespins
| Topic         = Practical Life
| Subtopic      = Control of Movement
| image         = [[File:Clothespins 4.jpg|320px]]
| Level         = [[Pre-Primary]] <br> [[Primary]]
| Age           = 3 - 4
| Preqs         = [[Carrying a Tray]] <br> [[Grasping Transfer]]
| Materials       = tray <br> clothespins <br> bowl
Practical Life - Control of Movement
Clothespins 4.jpg
Level Pre-Primary
Age 3 - 4
Prerequisites Carrying a Tray
Grasping Transfer
Materials tray


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Pink Towers
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