Introduction to the Movable Alphabet

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Introduction to the Movable Alphabet
Language - Writing
Intro to MA.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4 +
Prerequisites some Sandpaper Letters
can hear the sounds that make up a word
Materials movable alphabet set
3 sandpaper letters

This activity allows children to form words even if they don't yet have the fine motor skills for using a pencil.


You don't need to wait until the child has gone through all of the sandpaper letters before introducing this material. Just start with the letters with which the child is familiar.

  1. Step one
    Intro to MA 1.JPG
  2. Step two
    Intro to MA 2.JPG
  3. Step three
    Intro to MA 3.JPG
  4. Step four
    Intro to MA 4.JPG
  5. Step five
    Intro to MA 5.JPG

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

Variations and Extensions[edit]


see Movable Alphabet

Make Your Own[edit]

Printable Movable Alphabet Tiles:

Movable Alphabet print pdf icon.jpg Movable Alphabet cursive pdf icon.jpg Movable Alphabet semi-cursive pdf icon.jpg Movable Alphabet semi-cursive 2 pdf icon.jpg
Print Cursive Semi-cursive Semi-cursive 2

Where to Buy[edit]

see Movable Alphabet merocomontessori $25 (Movable Alphabet)

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