Long Chains

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Long Chains
Math - Linear Counting
Long Chains 13.JPG
PrerequisitesShort Chains

Also called the Cubic Chains.
This activity teaches the child skip counting which is preparation for multiplication. It also indirectly prepares the child to understand cubing numbers.


  1. Carry the long chains in the same way as the thousand chain.
    Long Chains 1.JPG
  2. Lay the chain out on a long mat as shown.
    Long Chains 2.JPG
  3. Gently pull one end of the chain until it is stretched out to its full length down the mat.
    Long Chains 3.JPG Long Chains 4.JPG
  4. Bring the squares, cube, and labels to the mat.
    Long Chains 5.JPG
  5. Fold the chain into squares as shown.
    Long Chains 6.JPG Long Chains 7.JPG
  6. Set the squares from the tray on top to show that they are the same.
    Long Chains 8.JPG
  7. Stack the squares and compare to the cube to show that they are the same.
    Long Chains 9.JPG
  8. Stretch the chain back out.
    Long Chains 10.JPG
  9. Sort the labels into columns on the tray.
    Long Chains 11.JPG
  10. Count the beads and lay out labels as you go. Only the first segment in the chain has a label for each bead, the rest only have a label for the last bead in each segment.
    Long Chains 12.JPG Long Chains 13.JPG
  11. Walk along the length of the chain from the beginning and read the labels.
    Long Chains 14.JPG

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