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Montessori for the Disadvantaged

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Montessori for the Disadvantaged  
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Author R. C. Orem (editor)
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Putnam
Publication date 1967
Pages 191
LC Classification 67-10960

A collection of essays by various contributors on the "application of Montessori educational principles to the war on poverty."


PREFACE: Tribute to a Great Woman by J. E. W. Wallin

  1. Past, Present and Promise
    Man--Motivated for Mastery of Self and Environment
    An Open-End, Experimental System
    Modernized Montessori for America's Children
    The Promise of Montessori
  2. Montessori for the Disadvantaged
    Five Major Themes of the Montessori Method by Celma Pinho (with R. C. Orem)
    Implications of Montessori for the War on Poverty by George L. Stevens
    Preparing a "Prepared Environment"
  3. Freedom for Full Development
    On Fostering the Development of Intellectual Competence by J. McV. Hunt
    An Environment Prepared for Human Development
    Mental Development Through Movement and Sensory Stimulation by Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dunn
  4. Development, Learning and Perception
    The Physiology of Development and Learning by G. N. Getman
    Preschoolers and Perceptual Training
  5. Montessori--Ripe for Research
    Traditional vs. Montessori
    Recent Montessori Research and Projects
    A Look at Imprinting
    Recent Developments in the Study of Imprinting by A. O. Ramsay
  6. Language, Libraries and Literacy
    Montessori and Language Development by Sylvia O. Richardson
    Libraries and Montessori Literature in the War on Poverty by Clifford R. Brothers
    Breaking the Interclass Language Barrier
  7. Linking the School with the Home
    Montessori Classes for Culturally Deprived Children by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    Montessori and the Culturally Deprived Home by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    How to Apply Montessori in the Home by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    Unprepared and Prepared Homes
  8. The Montessori Teacher as Programmer
    The Montessori Materials and Programming
    Effective Programming for the Classroom by Ruth Ann O'Keefe
    The Montessori Teacher and the Montessori Method by Celma Pinho
    The Heart of the Matter
  9. Direction for Head Start
    Montessori--Direction for Head Start by Lena Gitter
    Tips on Preparing the Environment by Lena Gitter
    Tips on Giving an Individual Lesson by Lena Gitter
  10. Learning Habits of Order and Work
    The Child's Need for Order in Work
    The Education of the Hyperactive Child by Norris G. Haring
    Comparison of Traditional Education with Montessori
  11. Expanding the Prepared Environment
    The Design of Re-Creative Human Environments by R. Buckminster Fuller
    Montessori: Implications and Possibilities

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