Montessori for the Disadvantaged

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Montessori for the Disadvantaged  
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AuthorR. C. Orem (editor)
CountryUnited States
Publication date1967
LC Classification67-10960

A collection of essays by various contributors on the "application of Montessori educational principles to the war on poverty."


PREFACE: Tribute to a Great Woman by J. E. W. Wallin

  1. Past, Present and Promise
    • Man--Motivated for Mastery of Self and Environment
    • An Open-End, Experimental System
    • Modernized Montessori for America's Children
    • The Promise of Montessori
  2. Montessori for the Disadvantaged
    • Five Major Themes of the Montessori Method by Celma Pinho (with R. C. Orem)
    • Implications of Montessori for the War on Poverty by George L. Stevens
    • Preparing a "Prepared Environment"
  3. Freedom for Full Development
    • On Fostering the Development of Intellectual Competence by J. McV. Hunt
    • An Environment Prepared for Human Development
    • Mental Development Through Movement and Sensory Stimulation by Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dunn
  4. Development, Learning and Perception
    • The Physiology of Development and Learning by G. N. Getman
    • Preschoolers and Perceptual Training
  5. Montessori--Ripe for Research
    • Traditional vs. Montessori
    • Recent Montessori Research and Projects
    • A Look at Imprinting
    • Recent Developments in the Study of Imprinting by A. O. Ramsay
  6. Language, Libraries and Literacy
    • Montessori and Language Development by Sylvia O. Richardson
    • Libraries and Montessori Literature in the War on Poverty by Clifford R. Brothers
    • Breaking the Interclass Language Barrier
  7. Linking the School with the Home
    • Montessori Classes for Culturally Deprived Children by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    • Montessori and the Culturally Deprived Home by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    • How to Apply Montessori in the Home by Don and Rosetta Rietz
    • Unprepared and Prepared Homes
  8. The Montessori Teacher as Programmer
    • The Montessori Materials and Programming
    • Effective Programming for the Classroom by Ruth Ann O'Keefe
    • The Montessori Teacher and the Montessori Method by Celma Pinho
    • The Heart of the Matter
  9. Direction for Head Start
    • Montessori--Direction for Head Start by Lena Gitter
    • Tips on Preparing the Environment by Lena Gitter
    • Tips on Giving an Individual Lesson by Lena Gitter
  10. Learning Habits of Order and Work
    • The Child's Need for Order in Work
    • The Education of the Hyperactive Child by Norris G. Haring
    • Comparison of Traditional Education with Montessori
  11. Expanding the Prepared Environment
    • The Design of Re-Creative Human Environments by R. Buckminster Fuller
    • Montessori: Implications and Possibilities
    • Summary

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