Moveable Alphabet with Objects

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Moveable Alphabet with Objects
Language - Writing
Moveable Alphabet with Objects.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4 +
Prerequisites Phonetic Words with the Moveable Alphabet
Materials movable alphabet set
small objects with phonetic names
(or pictures of objects with phonetic names)
small box or basket

In this activity the child uses the Movable Alphabet to form the names of phonetic objects.
Picture cards to use with this lesson are available to print below.


  1. Take the Movable Alphabet and the container of phonetic objects to a mat.
    Moveable Alphabet with Objects 1.JPG
  2. Select an object from the container and set it on the mat.
    Moveable Alphabet with Objects 2.JPG
  3. Say the name of the object aloud. Listen for the first sound in the word. Find the correct letter and place it next to the object. Then say the word slowly again to determine the middle sound, and then the ending sound.
    Moveable Alphabet with Objects 3.JPG Moveable Alphabet with Objects 4.JPG Moveable Alphabet with Objects 5.JPG
  4. Select another object from the container and repeat the process.
    Moveable Alphabet with Objects 6.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

The activity can also be done with pictures instead of small objects (these are available to print below):
M A with Pictures 1.JPG M A with Pictures 2.JPG M A with Pictures 3.JPG M A with Pictures.JPG


The small objects used in this activity are also used in other several other language activities. It can be nice to have a large collection of these and then swap them out from time to time.
See the page on Miniature Objects for more information on putting together a collection of objects for this activity.

Make Your Own

See the Make Your Own section of the Miniature Objects page for information on how to make these objects.

Printable pictures and Movable Alphabet tiles:

Word Pictures pdf icon.jpg
Movable Alphabet print pdf icon.jpg
Movable Alphabet cursive pdf icon.jpg
Movable Alphabet semi-cursive pdf icon.jpg
Movable Alphabet semi-cursive 2 pdf icon.jpg
Word Pictures Cards Print Cursive Semi-cursive Semi-cursive 2

Where to Buy

See the Where to Buy section of the Miniature Objects page
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