Pin Punching Designs

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Pin Punching Designs
Art - Pin Punching
Level Primary
Age 3
Prerequisites Handling Sharp Objects
Materials paper with a design printed on it
pin punching stylus
pad to go under paper

In this activity the child punches tiny holes along lines on a piece of paper creating a design or picture.
Pin punching is a good activity for children who need extra help developing their pincer grip.


  1. Select a piece of paper and put it on the tray.
  2. Take the material to a table.
  3. next step

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

Variations and Extensions[edit]


Instead of a pin-punching stylus you could use:

a pushpin, a bent paperclip, a bamboo skewer cut short, a paper awl, a beading awl

Pads to go under the paper could be made from various materials:

thick felt, carpet pad remnant, corrugated cardboard, styrofoam, low pile carpet remnant

Make Your Own[edit]

Search for pictures of "tin punch" designs to use.

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