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Rhyming Words Matching

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Rhyming Words Matching
Language - Language Foundation
Rhyme Match.JPG
Level Primary
Materials cards with pictures of rhyming objects
small basket or tray

In this activity the child matches pairs of rhyming objects. (Rhyme matching cards pdf below.)


  1. Carry the basket to a mat or table. Place it in the upper right corner.
    Rhyme Match 1.JPG
  2. Remove one set of cards and line them up along the left edge of the mat.
    Rhyme Match 2.JPG
  3. Take one of the cards from the other stack and hold it next to the first to see if the match. Say the words aloud.
    Rhyme Match 3.JPG
  4. If they don't match, try the next card.
    Rhyme Match 4.JPG
  5. Continue in this way until all of the cards have been matched.
    Rhyme Match 5.JPG
  6. Be sure to put the cards away in random order.

Points of Interest

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions

  • To help the child develop and understanding of rhyme, sing Down by the Bay with them. The adult should sing the first half of the rhyme and let the child supply the rhyming word: "Did you ever see a cat wearing a..." "Hat!"
    After a lot of practice with this stage, the child may be able to make up their own silly rhymes for the song.


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