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The Exchange Tray

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The Exchange Tray
Math - Introduction to the Decimal System
Exchange Tray 8.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4 - 5
Prerequisites Association of Beads and Cards
Materials Golden Beads:
10 unit beads
9 ten bars
9 hundred squares

This activity teaches the child that 10 units are the same as 1 ten, that 10 tens are the same as 1 hundred, and that 10 hundreds are the same as 1 thousand.


  1. Prepare a tray with 10 unit beads, 9 ten bars, and 9 hundred squares.
    Exchange Tray 1.JPG
  2. Lay the beads out on a mat as shown.
    Exchange Tray 2.JPG
  3. Count the unit beads, moving them down as you do (or moving them into a small bowl). "1 unit, 2 units, 3 units..."
    Exchange Tray 3.JPG
  4. "10 units is the same as 1 ten." Have the child go to the bank and exchange the 10 unit beads for 1 ten.
    Exchange Tray 4.JPG
  5. Bring the ten bar to the mat.
    Exchange Tray 5.JPG
  6. Place it with the other ten bars.
    Exchange Tray 6.JPG
  7. Count the ten bars: "1 ten, 2 tens, 3 tens..."
    Exchange Tray 7.JPG
  8. "10 tens is the same as 1 hundred." Have the child go to the bank and exchange the 10 ten bars for 1 hundred square.
    Exchange Tray 8.JPG
  9. Bring the hundred square to the mat. Place it with the other hundred squares.
    Exchange Tray 9.JPG
  10. Count the hundred squares: "1 hundred, 2 hundreds, 3 hundreds..."
    Exchange Tray 10.JPG
  11. "10 hundreds is the same as 1 thousand." Have the child go to the bank and exchange the 10 hundred squares for 1 thousand.
    Exchange Tray 11.JPG
  12. Bring the thousand cube to the mat. "One thousand. Did you know that we had one thousand beads on the tray?"
    Exchange Tray 12.JPG

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