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To Educate the Human Potential

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To Educate the Human Potential  
To Educate the Human Potential.jpg
Author Maria Montessori
Language Italian
Publisher Montessori-Pierson
Published in


  1. The Six-year-old Confronted with the Cosmic Plan
  2. The Right Use of Imagination
  3. The New Psychology of the Unconscious
  4. The Universe Presented to the Child's Imagination
  5. The Drama of the Ocean
  6. How Mother Earth has been Created
  7. A Primeval World War
  8. The Cretaceous Period
  9. The Earth in Travail Again
  10. Early Man
  11. Nomad Versus Settler
  12. Man the Creator and Revealer
  13. Early Great Civilizations
  14. Egypt through the Ages
  15. Life in Babylon, and her Dealings with Tyre
  16. Dignity and Impudence
  17. The Hellenic Spirit - Creator of Europe
  18. Man - Whither Bound
  19. Conclusion

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