Using a Chair

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Using a Chair
Practical Life - Gross Motor Skills
Chair carry 1.JPG
Level Pre-Primary
Age 3
Prerequisites none
Materials child-sized chair

The purpose of the first part of this activity is to teach the child how to gracefully sit down in, and stand up from a chair. In the second part, the child learns how to correctly carry a chair.


Sitting in a Chair[edit]

  1. step one
    Chair 1.JPG
  2. step two
    Chair 2.JPG
  3. step three
    Chair 3.JPG
  4. step four
    Chair 4.JPG

Carrying a Chair[edit]

  1. step one
    Chair carry 1.JPG
  2. step two
    Chair carry 2.JPG

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

Variations and Extensions[edit]


The chairs used in the classroom should be light enough for a small child to easily move them, while not being so light that they are easily knocked over by a child standing up from one.

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