Writing on Paper

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Writing on Paper
Language - Writing
Writing on Paper 2.JPG
Level Primary
Prerequisites Writing on Chalkboard
Metal Insets
Materials Montessori writing paper

In this activity the child practices writing letters on paper.
The type of writing paper used is available to print below.



  1. Take the paper and pencil to a table. Turn the paper at an angle.
    Writing on Paper 1.JPG
  2. Show the child that the whole letter should fit on the stripe.
    Writing on Paper 2.JPG
  3. Show the child how to use a finger to space the letters.
    Writing on Paper 3.JPG Writing on Paper 4.JPG
  4. If the child writes a letter that they are unhappy with, instead of erasing it, have them cross it out.
    Writing on Paper 5.JPG Writing on Paper 6.JPG
  5. Ask the child which of the letters in the row they think is the nicest. Have them circle that letter.
    Writing on Paper 7.JPG
  6. Most lowercase letters fit on just the stripe.
    Writing on Paper 8.JPG
  7. Later show that some letters have parts that go above the stripe, and some have parts that go below the stripe.
    Writing on Paper 9.JPG Writing on Paper 10.JPG

Points of Interest[edit]

Control of Error[edit]

Variations and Extensions[edit]

  • A laminated sheet of Montessori writing paper and fine-point dry-erase marker could also be used.


  • Here is a chart showing a possible order in which letters could be introduced for handwriting.
    Handwriting letter chart.png


To Print[edit]

Pic-top writing paper icon.jpg Full Page 9 Lines icon.jpg Marker paper - 8 pink lines icon.jpg
Picture-Top 5 Lines Full Page 9 Lines Full Page 8 Pink Lines

Where to Buy[edit]

Montessori Paper
Viking Company
Albanesi $38.00 (ream of 500)