Addition Finger Chart 2

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Addition Finger Chart 2
Math - Memory Work
Add Finger Chart 2-5.JPG
PrerequisitesAddition Finger Chart 1
Materials Addition Finger Chart 2
addition problem slips

This activity allows the child to practice memorization of addition facts.
Printable chart and problem slips are available below.


  1. Set out Addition Chart 1 to compare to Addition Chart 2. Show that Chart 2 is similar but with part of the chart missing.
    Add Finger Chart 2-1.JPG
  2. Set up the material as shown to work problems.
    Add Finger Chart 2-2.JPG
  3. Select a problem slip and copy in onto the paper.
    Add Finger Chart 2-3.JPG
  4. Put the right finger on the smaller of the two numbers, and the left finger on the larger number.
    Add Finger Chart 2-4.JPG
  5. Slide the right finger over to othe last number on its row.
    Add Finger Chart 2-5.JPG
  6. Then slide the right finger down to the same row as the left finger.
    Add Finger Chart 2-6.JPG
  7. Slide the left finger over to meet the right.
    Add Finger Chart 2-7.JPG
  8. Open your fingers to reveal the answer.
    Add Finger Chart 2-8.JPG
  9. Record the answer on the paper.
    Add Finger Chart 2-9.JPG

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Addition Chart 4 pdf icon.jpg
Addition Slips pdf icon.jpg
Addition Chart 1 pdf icon.jpg
Addition Finger Chart 2 Addition Problem Slips Addition Control Chart 1 (print on legal sized paper)

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