Baric Tablets

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Baric Tablets
Sensorial - Sense of Weight
Baric Tablets 4.JPG
PrerequisitesRough and Smooth Boards
Materials2 or 3 boxes of Baric Tablets
blindfold (optional)

This activity teaches the child to discern differences in weight.


Sorting Two Different Weights

  1. Take the box of the heaviest tablets and the box of the lightest tablets to a table or mat.
    Baric Tablets 1.JPG
  2. Mix up the tablets from the two boxes and place them in a stack in the middle of the table.
    Baric Tablets 2.JPG
  3. step three
    Baric Tablets 3.JPG
  4. step four
    Baric Tablets 4.JPG
  5. step five
    Baric Tablets 5.JPG

Sorting Three Different Weights

  1. Carry three boxes of baric tablets to a table one at a time. Place them in the upper right corner.
    Baric Tablets 6.JPG
  2. Mix all the tablets and place in a stack in the middle of the table.
    Baric Tablets 7.JPG
  3. Sort in the same way as with two sets.
    Baric Tablets 8.JPG

Points of Interest

Control of Error

  • Many commercial baric tablets are made of different woods which have very different specific weights. Being of different colors and appearance (think pine, beech, oak, balsa, mahogany...), the baric activity is done with eyes closed, and control of error with eyes open.
  • The tablets, or other materials used for this activity, can be marked in the back in case they have the same appearance. Thus, once they have been paired or sorted, the child can confirm visually.
  • Also, a balance can be used.

Variations and Extensions

  • A variation could be made to allow for paired matching or grading by weight (see Make Your Own below).
  • balance


The baric tablets consist of two or three types of wooden tablets. These are all the same size and shape, but because they are made of different types of wood, they have different densities and so, different weights.

Make Your Own

  • This is a baric matching activity made with painted baby-food jars filled with different numbers of pennies. These could also be used for grading by using just half (one color) of the set.
    LHsINS baric jars.jpg
    (For a detailed description of how this was done, see Little Schoolhouse in the Suburbs.)

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