Introduction to the Cards

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Introduction to the Cards
Math - Introduction to the Decimal System
Intro to the Cards 2.JPG
Level Primary
Age 4+
Prerequisites Introduction to the Beads

This activity introduces the child to the numerals 1, 10, 100, and 1000.


  1. Take the tray to a mat or table.
    Intro to the Cards 1.JPG
  2. Lay out the cards as shown. The thousand should be on the left and the unit should be on the right.
    Intro to the Cards 2.JPG
  3. Point to the 1, "This says 1."
  4. Point to the 10, "This says 10."
  5. Point to the 100, "This says 100. Can you count the zeros?"
  6. Point to the 1000, "This says 1000. Can you count the zeros?"
  7. Do a Three Period Lesson.

Points of Interest

  • Counting the zeros

Control of Error

Variations and Extensions


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