Sandpaper Numerals

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Sandpaper Numerals
Math - Numbers 0-10
Sandpaper Numerals 8.JPG
Level Primary
Age 3 - 4
Prerequisites Touch Boards
Number Rods
Materials set of sandpaper numerals

This activity teaches the child the symbols for and names of the numbers 0-9. It also indirectly prepares the child to write the numerals.


  1. Take the box of sandpaper numerals to a mat or table. Place it in the upper right corner.
    Sandpaper Numerals 1.JPG
  2. Remove the first three sandpaper numerals and place them face-down in the upper right corner.
    Sandpaper Numerals 2.JPG
  3. Take the first and trace it. "One." Give the child a turn.
    Sandpaper Numerals 3.JPG
  4. Move the 1 out of the way. Then trace the 2.
    Sandpaper Numerals 4.JPG
  5. Move the 2 out of the way and trace the 3.
    Sandpaper Numerals 5.JPG
  6. Allow the child to trace the numerals.
    Sandpaper Numerals 7.JPG Sandpaper Numerals 8.JPG Sandpaper Numerals 9.JPG
  7. Lay out out all three numerals (mix up the order occasionally) and do a three period lesson.
    Sandpaper Numerals 6.JPG
  8. When the child knows the first three numerals well, teach the others in the same way.


Direct Aim:

  1. To give the child a sensorial impression of the form of the symbol that corresponds to the quality.
  2. To show the succession of numbers
  3. To show base 10
  4. Recognition of numerals 0-9
  5. Preparation for writing numbers

Control of Error

Tactile and visual


A box containing sandpaper numerals from 0 to 9. They are arranged in sequence with the zero at the end.

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