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|width="100"|[[Image:Picture.jpg|link="Excuse Me"|100 px]]
|width="100"|[[Image:Picture.jpg|link="Excuse Me"|100 px]]
|width="100"|[[Image:Picture.jpg|link=Greeting a Guest|100 px]]
|width="100"|[[Image:Picture.jpg|link=Greeting a Guest|100 px]]
|width="100"|[[Image:Picture.jpg|link=Introducing oneself
|valign="top" align="center"|[[Getting the Teacher's Attention]]
|valign="top" align="center"|[[Getting the Teacher's Attention]]
|valign="top" align="center"|[[Asking to Watch a Work]]
|valign="top" align="center"|[[Asking to Watch a Work]]

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This subject area teaches the exercises required for daily living.

Grace and Courtesy

Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg [[Image:Picture.jpg|link=Introducing oneself Getting the Teacher's Attention Asking to Watch a Work Asking to Help a Friend "Excuse Me" Greeting a Guest
Picture.jpg Picture.jpg
Coughing Blowing One's Nose

Gross Motor Skills

Walking line icon.jpg Chair icon.JPG Picture.jpg Carry Table icon.JPG Mat icon.JPG
Walking on the Line Using a Chair Carrying a Tray Carrying a Table Using a Mat
Scissors icon.JPG Picture.jpg
Handling Sharp Objects Riding a Bicycle


Fine Motor Skills

Grasping Transfer icon.JPG Tong icon.JPG Clothespins icon.jpg Sponge icon.JPG Baster icon.JPG
Grasping Transfer Tong Transfer Clothespins Using a Sponge Using a Baster
Eyedropper icon.JPG Dry Pouring icon.jpg Liquid pouring icon.JPG Hand scooping icon.jpg Dry Scooping icon.jpg
Eyedropper Transfer Dry Pouring Liquid Pouring Hand Scooping Dry Scooping
Liquid Spooning icon.JPG Dry Spooning icon.JPG Nuts and bolts icon.JPG Screwdriver icon.JPG Containers and lids icon.JPG
Liquid Spooning Dry Spooning Nuts and Bolts Using a Screwdriver Containers and Lids
Locks icon.jpg Paper Cutting icon.JPG
Locks and Keys Cutting Paper

Care of the Environment

Folding Cloths icon.JPG Crumbing icon.JPG Object Dusting icon.JPG Picture.jpg Sweeping icon.JPG
Folding Crumbing Dusting Objects Dusting Furniture Sweeping
Mopping icon.JPG Table Washing icon.JPG Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Silver Polishing icon.JPG
Mopping Table Washing Dish Washing Cloth Washing Metal Polishing
Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Plant watering icon.JPG Picture.jpg
Glass Polishing Wood Polishing Leaf Washing Watering Plants Flower Arranging
Picture.jpg Pencil Sharpening icon.JPG Turning Pages icon.JPG Picture.jpg Setting a Table icon.JPG
Planting Seeds Pencil Sharpening Handling a Book Sanding Setting a Table

Food Preparation

Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Orange Squeezing icon.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg
Banana Cutting Apple Slicing Orange Squeezing Celery Cutting Carrot Peeling
Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Making Tea icon.JPG
Buttering Bread Cracking Nuts Making Tea


Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg Picture.jpg
Hand Washing Brushing Teeth Applying Sunscreen Shoe Polishing Braiding


Picture.jpg Button Frame icon.JPG Snap Frame icon.JPG Buckle Frame icon.JPG Hook and Eye Frame icon.JPG
Jacket Flip Button Frame Snap Frame Buckle Frame Hook and Eye Frame
Zipper Frame icon.JPG Bow Tying Frame icon.JPG Lacing Frame icon.jpg Safety Pin Frame icon.JPG
Zipper Frame Bow Tying Frame Lacing Frame Safety Pin Frame


Bead Stringing icon.JPG Lacing Cards icon.JPG Cutting Yarn icon.JPG Picture.jpg Picture.jpg
Bead Stringing Lacing Cards Cutting Yarn Tying Knots Threading a Needle
Button Sewing icon.JPG Embroidery icon.JPG
Button Sewing Embroidery