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Ideas and resources for the "do-it-yourself" montessorian. Many activity and resource pages contain a "make your own" section.

Montessori has a long tradition of self-made materials - it is known that Dr. Montessori made some of the earliest ones, while others were created under her guidance by parents of children in Casa dei Bambini - a most excellent way for parents and other adults to be involved with the education of children.

However, the earliest preserved Montessori items on display for the Century of the Child exhibit at MOMA New York, were listed as having been "commissioned by Maria Montessori. 1920s" ... "Manufactured by Baroni e Marangon, Gonzaga, Italy", which leads to the conclusion that the commercial manufacture of Montessori items got established very early on.

Interestingly, it is possible that the cleavage between more "traditional", recognized, capital-M schools and more innovative and generic ones also includes the strict reliance on "approved", commercial items for the former, and tolerance, or even outright preference for home-made ones in the later.

Whether non-traditional items have or not a place in the M/montessori school is likely an endless and fruitless debate. Also, home-made does not necessarily mean innovative, as "classic" resources can be made by anyone - this being one major "plus" of the Montessori method, however interpreted - all original patents are lapsed, and Dr. Montessori's designs are now public domain, as well as the generic term "montessori".

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